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This guide is intended for commercial farmers to provide information on pest management practices for grapes in New England. Both chemical and non-chemical pest control measures are suggested. Whenever possible, the use of integrated pest management (IPM) practices is encouraged. General concepts of IPM are described in the “Integrated Pest Management” section of this guide.

An introductory publication for small-scale table grape growers. This information is applicable to New England if you only consider the cold-hardy varities listed in Appendix A (page 25-29). 

A 2016 research report with the objective to identify table grape varieties adapted to New Hampshire, and to determine the optimum training system for these varieties.

This publication provides grape growers with practical information about choosing an appropriate site for a vineyard, establishment, and operation of commercial vineyards in North Carolina, but most of the content in this guide can be applied to New England vineyards. It includes a new chapter on spring frost control and examines the pros and cons of active frost protection systems.

May 2014 Authored by: Brigid Tuck and William Gartner

Partners/Sponsors: Northern Grapes Project

Special Thanks To: Connecticut Vineyard and Winery Association Lake Champlain Wines Massachusetts Farm Wineries and Growers Association New Hampshire Winery Association Vermont Grape and Wine Council Tim Martinson, Senior Extension Associate, Cornell University Chrislyn Patricka, Extension Support Specialist, Cornell University